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Scale 3 Server

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$ 770.98 USD
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$ 770.98 USD

Dedicated Scale-3 servers, equipped with a 48-core, 96-thread AMD EPYC processor, meet the demands of highly parallelized workloads and feature dedicated system disks, high-frequency memory, dual power and redundant networking. Of high speed.

These servers natively include advanced security features, such as Secure Boot, Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), thus guaranteeing the protection of your data.

Processor: AMD Epyc 7642 - 48c / 96 t - 2.3GHz / 3.3GH
Storage : NVMe, SATA available
Public network : 1 gbit / s, unlimited traffic
Private network : 6 gbps unlimited
Public IP: 1
Backup: 500 mb (accessible only from this server)

*** When hiring without permanence, you must pay a one-time provisioning charge of $ 900.00 usd