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Block Storage - Block Storage

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Type of service Volume Price
Classic 250 IOPS guaranteed, 4 TB max. $ 0.0675 / month / GB
high speed Up to 3000 IOPS, 4 TB max. $ 0.1395 / month / GB


Secure and flexible storage volumes, available on demand

When the need for persistent storage increases dramatically, additional disks can provide an immediate response to demand by hot-boosting the capacity of your instances. These volumes are securely housed in our clusters and allow us to meet the needs of those applications that handle a large amount of data.

  • Replication security: The clusters that host the volumes distribute three replicas of each data on different disks. With this system, better than a traditional RAID, the information is distributed in different servers, thus guaranteeing the durability of the disks in any situation.
  • Based on Ceph: Ceph is an open source technology that allows to exploit large infrastructures in demanding industrial contexts, since it ensures the scalability of the clusters and the reliability of the service. 


  • Classic: Classic volumes, with a good GB-price ratio, are ideal for storing large amounts of data with no special performance requirements. Triple replication Triple replication. 200 guaranteed IOPS.
  • High Speed: High Speed ​​volumes meet the need for good read and write performance for storage. Triple replication. Up to 3000 IOPS.

How to use
  • Create a volume: openstack volume create --type high-speed --size 300 logsdb01
  • Resize a volume: openstack volume set logdb01 --size 1024
  • Associate a volume with an instance: openstack server add volume inst01 logdb01

  • Resizing: Volumes are from 1GB to 4TB. It is possible to start with a small space and increase it according to your needs.
  • Snapshots- Take snapshots at any time to capture the state of your data while still using the volume. You can later retrieve the information in the same state it was in.
  • Import and export of your data: In accordance with its reversibility policy, EnNube allows you to easily recover your volume using traditional tools such as the OpenStack CLI. You also have the possibility of importing a volume on the EnNube platform to exploit it directly on your instances.
  • Migration between instances: Volumes can be hot linked and unlinked. In addition, a volume can be used to transfer data from one instance to another, within the same location, almost instantly.