SaaS - Software as a Service

The best for organizations that want to focus their efforts on their business, forget about the technical distractions and security that can provide them as a comprehensive platform in software, administration, maintenance, constant improvements, research and development of new tools.
In today's digital world, Software as a Service (SAAS) refers to a new and alternative way of accessing software, rather than more traditional access methods.
Whereas in the past software was simply purchased and installed on a device, SaaS refers to a subscription-based model where the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed over the Internet.
This gives users a series of benefits, regardless of whether the software will be used for private purposes or for companies that use it for labor matters, such as: the support, guidance and attention given to customers, hence the Software as a Service term.

Areas where companies usually use SaaS:
    • Accounting and Billing
    • Sales Tracking
    • Planning
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Communications (including webmail and messaging)
    • Customer Service
    • Market Research
    • Traditional Software vrs SaaS
    • Traditional Software
Users pre-purchase the software as a package and then install it on their computer.

Licenses may be limited in the number of users and / or devices on which the software can be installed.

Sometimes they are discontinued and to have access to better versions you have to buy the new version

Software as a Service

Users subscribe to the software, usually on a monthly basis, rather than buying it. That is, there are no upfront costs.
Users can usually cancel their subscription when they no longer need the service.

Applications are updated and used online, files are stored in the cloud instead of individual computers.

The SaaS Model is the future

Its adoption in Latin America has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and according to Spain and Europe even more, users increasingly require greater attention to their demands, which can only be satisfied immediately thanks to technological advances such as online chats, bots or video calls.

Simplifying the process for the user is vital in these times, thanks to the feedback and daily use of any SaaS platform it is possible to make changes to improve the customer experience almost immediately without the need for cumbersome upgrades or reinstallations.

For what today we could say that it is not only the future, but it is already being the present, the companies that continue to use Traditional Software will be competing with a great disadvantage against those that today are their main competitive advantage.

So now you know, do a quick review of those platforms that you use in your day to day and discover how many of them are SaaS, you will be surprised to see the result, and here EnNube we are waiting to help you with the migration of your systems. Welcome.

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