PaaS - Platform as a Service

Platform as a service or PaaS is a set of services based In Cloud that enables developers and business users to build applications at a speed that on-premises solutions cannot achieve. As it is a service based In Cloud, there is no need to worry about server configuration and maintenance, patches, updates and authentications, among many other tasks - users can focus on creating the best possible user experience. 

A PaaS service for EnNube means delivering a platform managed and maintained by our experts, in our data centers, with our global infrastructure of high availability with a guaranteed 99.9% online time. It is something like handing over a car on loan for you to use, but the car already includes maintenance, oils, spare parts, labor, tires and any expenses that its operation and maintenance imply.

Our PaaS offer extends to the administration of the operating system, and in our different levels of offer there are various degrees of administration, standardized options can be taken or customized options can be negotiated including additional customer requirements.

EnNube's philosophy is to be a completely open cloud, an eco-system where any type of operating system, any tool, including interaction with other cloud service providers, can converge, so here we do not limit you to the use of APIs, tools provisioning, etc., but we provide the entire service in a personalized way. Each PaaS service will always have a technical support contact with 24/7 access from the client to solve any unforeseen event in an average time of 30 minutes to start the evaluation and management of the requirement or difficulty.

Transition to PaaS

In the past, companies started by creating and developing their own applications. This required space on the server, software to create scheduling and security environments to keep everything safe within the facility. Often times, this meant that complex software stacks, frequent updates, hardware maintenance, and large investments of money in a local environment to help them build applications became obsolete very quickly. In short: it was an expensive solution in terms of time and money.
Development tools have evolved rapidly and suddenly you find yourself using an outdated interface and technology. Companies began looking for solutions to help speed up the process and reduce the costs and complexity of building the applications they needed. The first to look for more effective options were companies that were already outsourcing other areas of IT services, such as cloud-based software services for recruiting, marketing, or travel and expense management. They were looking for an external answer to their internal problem.
PaaS enables developers, entrepreneurs, and business users to focus on building great applications with just a few clicks and a few codes without having to worry about infrastructure and operating systems. Development tools, servers, and programming environments are easily accessible through EnNube, without the complexity and expense of creating them in-house. Applications can be developed and hosted faster, and with very low installation costs; all this, in addition, without the risk of delays or malfunctions due to infrastructure problems. In other words, PaaS allows developers, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best, so they can generate high-quality results much faster.

PaaS is part of a family of cloud computing tools that includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Everything as a Service (XaaS) technologies. The cloud computing model enables companies to outsource IT services so they can devote more energy to their key business processes.

Why PaaS?

Ultimately, Platform as a Service eliminates the expense and complexity of evaluating, purchasing, configuring, and managing all the hardware and software required for custom applications. This has both technical and business advantages.
Technical advantages
Moving to a managed platform allows your technical team to focus on building applications and services that add value to your business. EnNube as a PaaS provider can offer improvements in:
    • Creating an
    • Speed
    • Costs
    • Expandability
Creating an
For more than 30 years being the owner and administrator of telecommunications platforms and datacenter, EnNube is the best option to team up with your business, the union will make a great winning team.

Application development is faster because your IT team, technicians, or developers are no longer responsible for the hardware and software used to create, maintain, and protect the application development platform. Also, our proprietary global fiber optic network provides core speeds within reach of your applications.

Getting started is faster too. Once you have started a PaaS service, you can start using the system immediately - there will be no delays due to the time required for installation. 


Initial costs are reduced as there is no need to create anything before starting to operate or develop. Using a managed platform also contributes to the standardization and consolidation of application components and resources. You don't have to keep creating great inventions every time you create a new application, reducing your development costs. Capital costs, money tied to expensive and rapidly depreciating IT assets, are eliminated in favor of operating costs, which increase the company's ROI.


Designing applications for millions of connected devices creates potential scalability and security challenges. An application that is very popular with consumers can easily exceed the capacity of a data center, and your brand can take a big hit if the end-user experience suffers.


The Future of PaaS

PaaS is ushering in a new era of innovation and business agility. It shares the same innovative roots as companies like Amazon, eBay, Google, and YouTube, which created new capabilities in new markets through browsers. The model PaaS offers the same kind of specialized, cost-effective model for delivery, operation, and application development. For the first time, developers can focus on specializing applications for their business, without having to manage complex hardware and software infrastructures.

As the digital environment matures, a number of influencing factors are strengthening the case for adopting cloud-based computing technologies.

  • The increasing standardization of digital technologies
  • Increased use of mobiles and mobile applications by companies
  • Growing popularity and use of web-like interfaces
  • Increase in broadband access and speed

There has also been a trend towards outsourcing companies to move to solutions IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and XaaS (Everything as a service) in order to replace what had traditionally been supplied locally, and a platform PaaS it is a building block of a complete solution.

Why is the time right for a PaaS solution? 

You can grow your business faster by optimizing internal processes and better connecting with customers and suppliers. A platform approach translates into more secure, faster and more profitable solutions. Many companies are currently looking to outsource non-essential services, and for this they choose a solution of PaaS for the following reasons:
Developed technology: the ability to automate processes and use pre-defined components and building blocks makes a solution for PaaS be an attractive proposition for companies that need reliability and consistency.
Flexibility is essential: companies need to be fast to compete, and platform services offer innovation, scalability and an affordable price for companies of any size.
Business benefits increase: The benefits of cost savings, speed of development and security offer real benefits that are difficult to multiply for companies that use internal systems. Without these savings, development costs for building applications that can keep up with the market are reaching increasingly prohibitive levels.
Software outsourcing is a proven solution, and PaaS is the natural next step. If your business is focused on future growth, the PaaS model is not only an option worth contemplating, it is also an essential tool to have at your disposal.
Find out more about EnNube PaaS and find out how this solution could benefit your business.


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