• High Speed ​​and Connectivity

    We can offer you internet speed from 100 mbps to whatever you need without limit, and data consumption has no restrictions.

    Our policy is not to restrict our clients' internet consumption, we call it unlimited consumption internet.

  • DDDoS security

    By mitigation or distribution, all our platforms have protection for denial of service with patented technology.

    You can run your apps with the peace of mind that we are always monitoring incoming traffic.

  • Personalized Technical Support

    Our great difference with the competition is that our technical support is personalized, we assist you in design, start-up and after-sales in your solutions or those of your clients.

    Our staff is certified in VWare, Oracle, Open Stack, Cisco, ISO 27000, and many other areas related to technology.

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When you put your infrastructure In CloudIn any of the modalities, IaaS, SaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Dedicated Server, etc., you are creating a virtual datacenter for your company or business with much more capabilities and technology than large companies that have them in-house.

The big difference is that you only pay for what you need, what you use or what you want; There is no concern about everything that implies having your own datacenter such as security, energy, internet, maintenance, connectivity, support, hardware, damaged equipment, breakdowns, administration, etc., and that will allow you to compete at the best level on equal terms in your technological part, which will open unlimited options to grow and develop with a sustainable cost and the best service.